Who we are: Choudhary Relocation is a one-stop relocation platform that has partnered with India’s 25+ Best Packers and Movers across India and abroad. We directly work with India’s finest packers and Movers so that we can make sure that each of packer and mover service that happens through us is memorable and damages free. Each of the Relocations that happens at Choudhary Relocation is personally analysed via our relocation experts to carefully display the movers that have got stronghold over the geographical area in which relocation is requested.

Started in 2013, Choudhary Relocation started its services across India. These Packers and Movers services are available currently in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune and also across other 15,000+ PIN in the country.

The outstanding customer service that we deliver is credited entirely to the operational optimisation that we have initialised with Packers and Movers at the ground level. We have built Artificial Intelligence-based systems that are updated to best of industry standards which help us make our offerings highly customised and adjustable to your specific needs.

Each of the movers that we have empanelled on our platform goes through a strict monitoring and evaluation process which help us filter out movers and packers which don’t meet our service standards. Each of these packers and movers is then tested in their areas of expertise and further streamlined basis the feedback that we receive from the customers.

With best in the Industry fraud detection standards, we make sure that your relocation experience with us is not just safe but highly secure and encrypted.

How do we price our packers and movers service: Our quotations for packers and movers service are based on extensive data crunching of thousands of records which help us arrive at a price which keeps into consideration the seasonality, the volume of goods that are required to be relocated, the type of truck that carries the goods, the number of days in which the relocation can be completed and other contingent factors that might affect the relocation. We are committed to providing the best and most reasonable quotations for packers and movers services across India and the same can be reflected in the trust that our customers have on our services.

If you are a corporate customer and relocating for the purpose of your job, Choudhary Relocation will take your cases on a special priority. Specifically for corporate relocations, Choudhary Relocation works directly with our specific corporate eligible packers and movers and work exclusively towards making sure that the quotations that we provide to you are very close to your official eligibility. For such customer, we provide up to 3 quotations from national vendors that are genuine and have good public reviews.

Such relocations are managed exclusively by our relocation managers that have been trained to manage your relocation with utmost punctuality and sincereness. This service is complimentary with our offerings. No corporate is required to pay any additional amount for the same.

All the corporate relocations that we execute are eligible for special discounts that are available not just on our packers and movers services but also on services across the internet. These discounts are also complimentary and come for no additional charge.

What do people say about us: Majority of customers that Choudhary Relocation gets are the people who are closely associated with our existing customers. This has been made possible because the trust that we have developed with each of our customers.

We strongly believe in being positively obsessed towards the needs of our customers. That is the reason as to why Choudhary Relocation is currently rated 4.8+ on every public platform (including Google and Facebook Reviews). Additionally, testimonials on this page further ascertain the service level commitment that we have for our customers. We have always believed that the control of your relocation should be in your hands and no matter which mover do you go with or what budget you have, we make sure your relocation is not going out of course at any point of time.

Due to the exceptional service delivered by our packers and movers across India, Choudhary Relocation is now a preferred choice of corporates across the country. Till date, Choudhary Relocation has successfully relocated employees of companies like Amazon, BPCL, Cognizant, EA Games, OYO and a lot of other blue chips.

Choudhary Relocation is not a platform that just facilitates your relocation end to end but is a community of closely knit users who found Choudhary Relocation as their first choice when they needed services from the finest movers across India.

What are the offerings that we deal in Packers and Movers category: Choudhary Relocation deals with all the major services in the mentioned category. Some of them are explained below:

  1. House shifting: For the customers that are looking for household shifting services, Choudhary Relocation assures them a memorable and damage-free relocation. Our best packers and movers are available and provide a door to door relocation facility for any such needs whether it is for within-city/local shifting or between city home shifting. Such packers and movers can be availed across the country including key metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and 15,000+ PIN across the country.
  2. Office shifting: For corporate customers who are looking forward towards shifting of their premises, Choudhary Relocation works specifically towards these needs so that such relocation happen with the utmost professionalism. We have served companies like Nokia and have made sure that their relocation happens in an uninterrupted and customised manner.
    Office relocations are exclusively managed by our trained relocation managers who take care of the coordination between the mover and the SPOC of the corporate.
  3. Corporate Relocations: For the customers that are moving for the purpose of their job, we make sure that we, along with some of the best packers and movers of India take care of the relocation end to end. From generating multiple quotes to sending quotes directly to the HR via the system to the best in the industry escalation management via dedicated managers, we take care of the entire relocation end to end.
  4. Vehicle Shifting: Choudhary Relocation has specifically partnered with some of India’s famous packers and movers for making sure that each of our vehicle relocations happens in a hassle free way. Choudhary Relocation is currently into the shifting of Hatchback cars, Sedan Cars, SUVs, MUVs, Luxury Cars, Normal Bikes, Sports Bikes, Scooters and Scooty.

All of this relocation is covered via exhaustive insurance policy that helps us further in making sure that your relocation is 100% hassle free and damage free.